After owning munchkins I have concluded that everyone needs to find out how wonderful these little cats are. In my breeding program I intend to bring out the qualities that people enjoy in cats and incorporate them into the ideal pet. My munchkins will be selectively bred to have superb qualities in the areas of personality, beauty, coat and health.

In the years that have passed since I began breeding cats I have learned much about this business and it is far from what I thought it would be like. There is much more work and expense involved than I could have ever dreamed. What compels me to continue is the gratification in providing a wonderful companion for people in search of a special pet. This is the reward that makes it all worthwhile. I want to thank Margie Gardner, Jennifer Tielking and Wanda Wilker for helping me to get started in Munchkins.

I am currently employed at Fort Madison Community Hospital as a Medical Technologist and I work every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am unable to meet with clients on these days, however my assistant Shaun Moore will be able to assist you. He will also deliver kittens to you. I have two dogs: an aussie/bernese mountain dog girl and a golden doodle boy.

Our kittens run loose in our house after they are 6 weeks of age so that they can be fully adapted to a normal household environment. I have one elderly corgi dog that cleans out all the cat food cans. I am an avid gardener so when you come to visit be sure to ask for a garden tour. I am deeply committed to a relationship with Jesus Christ and I want to give credit to him for everything.

Plan to visit Mosquito park which is behind my house to take in the majestic view of the Mississippi river when you visit.




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